National Chihuahua Council Australia

The National Chihuahua Council (Australia) or (NCC), is a national breed council sanctioned by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).

Our main aim is to promote and encourage, in all ways - the quality of breeding, health and welfare, care and training, and of course exhibition of both smooth and long coat Chihuahuas.

As a breed council we encourage our clubs to collect information, submit agenda items that are then discussed and voted on by their representatives (delegates) at our annual NCC AGM (which is via confer-link) that then can be sumbitted to the ANKC.

And as always we aim to educate our all of our state club members, exhibitors, breeders and Judges to abide by the ANKC approved Breed Standard for the Chihuahua.

Because we are an affliate of the  ANKC we are permitted to hold...


Every two years a State Club will host a "National" with an international judge who is a specialist in the toy breed.  Exhibitors travel from all over Australia just to compete and be a part of these "Nationals".  

It is the ultimate event that showcases our breed to its very best.

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