National Chihuahua Council Australia

Member Clubs

Please find below the email details for the Secretaries to our Member Clubs associated with the National Chihuahua Council (Australia), as well as the individual links to the Clubs and their Facebook pages.

Clicking on the Club name and Facebook page will take you straight there!


Chihuahua Club of NSW

Facebook Page

Secretary:  David Herboldt  Email:  [email protected]


Chihuahua Club of QLD

Facebook Page

Secretary:  Jennifer Watt  Email:  [email protected]


Chihuahua Club of S.A. Inc

Facebook Page

Secretary:  Loretta Stephenson  Email:  [email protected]


Chihuahua Club of Victoria

Facebook Page

Secretary:  Lyn Gunnell  Email:   [email protected]


The W.A. Chihuahua Club Inc

Facebook Page

Secretary:  DJ Cappello  Email:  [email protected]