National Chihuahua Council Australia

National Shows

The "National Chihuahua Specialty Championship Show" is a confirmation show that is held every two (2) years by one of the National Chihuahua Council affliated Member Clubs.


The Process

To run a Chihuahua National an application for approval must be lodged at least eighteen (18) months in advance, prior to the proposed date of the fixture.  

It must include the original application that each State Affliate Club submits to the NCC and it must include a letter of confirmation endorsing the conduct of a National Show with the year it is to be held.

The ANKC will then process the application, with it being at least twelve (12) months prior to the scheduled date of the National Event.

Once approved, the State Affiliate Club must then obtain approval from their ANKC Ltd Member Body - and that has to be at least eight (8) months in advance.  No advertising of the show can be done until the ANKC Ltd Member Body has also given their approval for the Affliate Club's show.

Keep in mind that in the "Conformation Section" of your "National Fixture" only classes that will allow all Australian exhibitors to compete can be offered.  Hence there are no State Bred Classes, Interstate or Local Sweepstakes that can be added to the National Fixture.

I am sure it is needless to say that only dogs registered on the ANKC Main Register or the Stud Book Register of a Recognized Overseas Canine Controlling Body can compete in this event.

Advertising of the fixture in the official publications of each ANKC Ltd Member Body is next, and you will need to submit evidence of the advertisement at least (6) months prior to the scheduled National Show to the National Breed Councils Liason Working Party.

This is just behind the scenes!  

Please keep in mind how much your local Chihuahua Club must do, before any of the other million things that need to be organized for the actual days of the "Chihuahua National Specialty Championship Show".

Please members offer to lend a hand to your Club, as the days leading up to the National Fixture are hectic and worrisome for those who are trying to make sure you have a fantastic time whilst visiting the State who is holding the National for all involved.