National Chihuahua Council Australia

Health & Welfare

The Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) is the governing body in Australia.

Their website address is: 

To read up about the latest Health and Welfare issues, please click the link above and visit their website.


Orivet have now made available Merle testing for Chihuahua's.

A fact sheet on Merle by Orivet is available to download;


Please Note:  That each State and Territory also has a controlling body.  ALL of them have a "Code of Ethics" as well as "Health and Welfare Policies" that are easily accessible from their websites.


For your further information please look at the links below.

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    New South Wales     Dogs NSW
    Northern Territory     Dogs NT
    Queensland     Dogs QLD
    South Australia     Dogs SA
    Tasmania     Dogs TAS
    Victoria     Dogs VIC
    Western Australia     Dogs WEST